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LRAD / LRAD 1000Xi Long Range Acoustic Device

LRAD 1000Xi Long Range Acoustic Device®

Highly Intelligible Long Distance Communication

LRAD -Long Range Acoustic Device


The LRAD 1000Xi is high powered, yet power efficient and designed for applications ranging from critical infrastructure protection, coastal / border / port security and medium / large vessels and vehicles.

Featuring a rugged carbon fiber emitter head integrated with electronics and amplification, the LRAD 1000Xi has an MP3 Control Module that can be affixed to the acoustic array for local activation of prerecorded messages or use of the live microphone. The control module can also be placed away from the acoustic array, allowing for audio operations to be conducted from a remote location.

Superior voice intelligibility and an extended frequency range, ensures the LRAD 1000Xi safely communicates commands and instructions, giving operators the capability to issue clear, authoritative verbal commands, followed with powerful deterrent tones to modify behavior, enhance response capabilities and provide more time scale the use of force if required.

Features & Power

  • Powerful, intelligible communication up to 3,000 meters
  • Safely communicate beyond stand-off distances to determine intent
  • Variable beam width for extended coverage
  • Clear, long-range directional communication
  • Creates instant acoustic standoff perimeter
  • Rugged military tested construction
  • Low power requirements
  • All-weather use
  • Scalable, lightweight & portable
  • Simple to operate - Increased coverage with single operator
  • Safe alternative to non-lethal deterrent options

LRAD System Specifications

Maximum Continuous Output 153dB SPL @ 1 meter, A-weighted
Beam Width +/- 15 at 1 kHz
Communications Range Highly intelligible speech transmissions over 3,000 meters; *Max range of 1250 meters over 88 dB of background noise.

Emitter Array Dimension 36 W x 40 H x 13 D
Electronics Module Dimension 11 W x 5.5 H x 2 D
Weight 87 lbs
Construction Carbon fiber; 6061 Aluminum
stainless steel, 316 Stainless hardware

Control Module
Remote MP3 control module with 2GB onboard storage memoryMicrophone with record and playback feature for immediate playback

Record on the Fly Mic
Microphone with record and playback feature for immediate playback

USB Cable
USB cable for downloading files to the MP3 player

Hearing Protection
Disposable hearing protection

Soft Cover
Protective soft cover

MP3 Auxiliary Cable
Auxiliary audio cable for connecting to any audio device with a headphone jack

CD All
CD input cable

Audio Normalizer software
Audio Normalizer software for creating audio recordings on a PC
Maxabeam Kit
12 million candlepower in a lightweight, mounted searchlight, illuminates targets up to 3,500 meters away

Hard Case
Watertight and dust proof rugged enclosure for storage and transport

Tripod (Quickset)
Rugged aluminum tripod is easily transported and quickly sets up for rapid deployment

Hitch Mount (2in/5.08cm)
Vehicle mount - attaches to standard 2 trailer hitch receiver

Pickup Mount
Truck mount

Ship Rail Mount
Stainless steel rail mount

For more detailed specifications please download the current product datasheet
*6+ dB above background noise is based on field trials conducted by independent sources.