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360 Degree Communications Over Wide Areas

LRAD -Long Range Acoustic Device


In times of emergency, the ability to broadcast crystal clear messages can be crucial in ensuring the public's safety.

Featuring LRAD's proprietary technology, every word of a LRAD 360X broadcast is heard and understood over distances up to 2.5 km. Each system is comprised of one to four LRAD 360X emitters to enable the customization of the broadcast area. The system can be activated and monitored by IP, digital or analog radio, GSM/GPRS and/or Satellite. For scalability and compliance, the system follows industry standards along with the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and other government compliance criteria including Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). LRAD Corporation also adheres to The Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-021-01 for design, operation and maintenance of Mass Notification Systems.

The new LRAD 360X delivers LRAD's renowned powerful, clear and intelligible voice and alarm tone broadcasts with uniform 360 degree coverage. The lightweight and efficient LRAD 360X Quad emitter can project sound at 123 dB at 30 meters covering distances greater than 1200 meters radius at 70 dB.

The LRAD Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software is scalable providing dynamic map-based area selection tools to optimize alert and remote monitoring. The Geographic Information System (GIS) interface allows the user to easily view and interpret data. The software can also support additional languages such as Arabic and Spanish. The software also provides the capability for live broadcast and is customizable with pre-recorded messages, alert tones and test signals. The report and monitoring capabilities are customizable to monitor the system and possible trouble such as door intrusion, AC failure, monitor battery voltage, primary communication connectivity along with redundant communications status. The system can log activations and trouble to access trends and history for a minimum of six months.


LRAD System Specifications

  One Emitter
Two Emitter
Four Emitter
Maximum SPL at 1 m
SPL at 30 Meters
131 dBA 137 dBA 143 dBA
123 db
70 dB Coverage Radius1 560 m 850 m 1300 m
Acoustic Array Dimensions Dia = 34 in
H = 27.2 in
Dia = 34 in
H = 39.2 in

Dia = 34 in

H = 63.2 in
Acoustic Array Weight 110 lbs 160 lbs 260 lbs
Acoustic Array Effective Projected Area (EPA) 710 sq-in
.458 sq-m
1025 sq-in
.661 sq-m

1655 sq-in

1.07 sq-m
*Acoustic Array Conduit Inlet (English threads) G-3/4” BSPP G-3/4” BSPP

G1-11 BSPP

*Acoustic Array Conduit Inlet (US threads) 3/4” NPT 3/4” NPT

1” NPT

Amplifier Power Consumption (MAX/TYP) 395W/180W 790W/360W 1580W/720W
Amplifier Dimensions Single 1RU amplifier:
H=1.725 (1RU)
Two 1RU amplifiers:

Four 1RU amplifiers:

H=6.9 (4RU)
Amplifier Weight 7.4 lbs 14.8 lbs
(2X 7.4 lbs)

29.6 lbs

(4X 7.4 lbs)
Required Airflow 26cfm 32cfm 64cfm
Thermal Load

75W at max output power of 320W (81% Efficiency)

150W at max output power of 640W (81% Efficiency)

300W at max output power of 1280W (81% Efficiency)

Inrush current

<20A <40A <80A
Standby power consumption 0W
Amplifier Input Power 20-32VDC
Amplifier Interfaces Hard power on/off switch
Resettable pushbutton 40A circuit breaker
One XLR balanced audio input (0.775 VRMS, 2.0kOhm load)
One RCA single ended audio input (0.775 VRMS, 1.0kOhm load)
One RCA single ended audio out pass through for daisy-chaining multiple amplifiers
Power LED, green
Master volme control rotating knob with a 300 degree rotation
8-pin speaker out Phoenix screw connector, 12 AWG to 24 AWG
Two 10-32 studs for DC power input
10-pin Remote Control Interface Phoenix screw connector, 16 AWG to 28 AWG
Remote Control Interface Functions Remote power on/off
Two bit remote volume control††††
Latching fault
Fault reset
Safety CE
EMC FCC Class A Radiated Emissions, CE

Construction Speaker Array is constructed of composite plastic
  Aluminum Enclosure meets IP65 and NEMA requirements
Mounting brackets are galvanized and stainless steel components

For more detailed specifications please download the current product datasheet