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Commercial Security / Infrastructure & Perimeter Security, Anti-Piracy

Today’s growing threat environment has increased the need for enhanced security for commercial maritime interests, harbors, and oil pipelines and offshore platforms to protect people and property.



 Commercial Maritime
Upon detecting potential piracy threats, LRAD systems create safety zones by hailing and warning approaching vessels at distances up to 3 kilometers. LRAD is used to determine the intent of unidentified vessels at distance and can be used as part of an escalation of force, deterring intruding vessels with a highly effective warning tone.
Perimeter Security / Infrastructure Protection


 Perimeter Security / Infrastructure Protection
LRAD-RX can be integrated into a sensor network to locate and track potential threats. This enables the command and control center to view and respond to threats from a safe environment in a remote location.
Perimeter Security / Infrastructure Protection


 Personal Vessel Security
Protecting high-value assets against piracy threaths requires a military-tested shipboard protection device. The Long Range Acoustic Device® (LRAD®) has been successfully used against piracy threats since the Seabourn Spirit incident off the coast of Somalia in November 2005.