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Public Safety / Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Santa Ana Police Department
The Santa Ana SWAT team used an LRAD to drive gang members from a house in their community. Their initial expectation was that three or four suspects were inside the house, but after employing an LRAD, 10 suspects emerged from the house without the use of lethal force or sending officers inside.

Pittsburgh Police Department using LRAD 500X at G20
Pittsburgh Police Department
The Pittsburgh Police Department used an LRAD to communicate with and disperse unruly crowds during the G20 Summit in Sept 2009.

Nate Harper, the Pittsburgh police bureau chief, told reporters. "It served its purpose well."

Raymond DeMichiei, Pittsburgh's deputy director of emergency management and homeland security, said he thought the devices worked well without hurting anyone. "Every police officer I talked to thought it worked famously," said Mr. DeMichiei, who ordered the devices for Pittsburgh. "The bottom line is we could maintain order with the protesters without hurting them.

"It is designed to get people to do what police want. It makes them uncomfortable but does not hurt them," he said, noting that Pittsburgh police had been trained to use the devices properly.
- Source: Washington Times

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is using LRAD to clearly communicate at public events and in search and rescue operations in difficult terrain.

New York Police Department
The NYPD used an LRAD to control crowds during the Republican National Convention protests in 2004 and during New Year's Eve at Times Square.

Boston Police Department
The Boston PD deployed an LRAD in Kenmore Square during the 2005 Super Bowl celebration. Boston Police Department

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"Since receiving it (LRAD), the SWAT team has employed it on several occasions and has been completely satisfied with its performance and capabilities. It is the ideal communications platform during SWAT tactical operations."
"We deployed the LRAD in several situations with an immediate response from the crowds. This resultant “safe area” undoubtedly created a safer atmosphere for both citizen and police officers. I am grateful that our days of broadcasting by a bullhorn or police vehicle PA system are over."