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LRAD for Public Safety Applications Fact Sheet

The Long Range Acoustic Device® (LRAD®), innovated and distributed by LRAD Corporation, is a powerful communications tool that is highly effective in a broad variety of public safety situations for government, commercial, and law enforcement organizations.

LRAD has been successfully deployed in support of:
  • Large crowd communications
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Infrastructure and perimeter protection
  • Enforcing security zones from secure remote locations
  • SWAT operations
  • Emergency responder situations
  • Crowd/riot control
  • Mass notification
  • CBRN incident response
  • Hostage negotiation from a safe location
  • Serving warrants
  • Fire/HAZMAT evacuation and communication

LRAD Corporation maintains a strict policy of selling LRAD systems only to qualified government agencies and commercial entities that are fully trained in the device's operation and use.

LRAD provides the acoustic performance, flexibility and reliability needed for operation at distances from 10 to 3,000 meters. LRAD’s beam width, frequency range and maximum continuous output ensures 100% intelligible communication over distance and loud background noise. Each LRAD model presents the loudest and most intelligible product in its size and weight category. LRAD’s performance record coupled with military construction and survivability standards has made each model the communication tool of choice for police departments and military units around the world. Additionally LRADs provide a portable capability in a rugged lightweight waterproof casing, as well as the option to operate the device remotely across an IP-accessible network. LRAD can provide communication solutions to meet any operational requirement.

LRAD provides a critical part of the layered defense/escalation of force strategy for law enforcement and government agencies. LRAD’s warning tone is similar to police and fire sirens broadcasting at the range of human hearing that ensures maximum effectiveness in gaining attention and compliance. Contrary to some reports, LRAD does not generate the ultra low frequency tones that are needed to cause nausea and disorientation.

The following steps are taken when deploying LRAD for communications.

  • Step 1 – Operator broadcasts directions/instructions in a loud, clear voice
    • The focused directional audio broadcast is an effective tool for communicating clearly over distance or loud background noise to individuals, small groups and large crowds.
    • Pre-recorded messages can be broadcast in multiple languages providing law enforcement with preplanned responses that address a variety of populations clearly and effectively.
    • Hailing and warning in a clear, authoritative voice to provide undeniable instructions and direction.

  • Step 2 – If direction is not taken, operator then broadcasts with a more authoritative message
    • Deployment of LRAD at increased volume levels can influence behavior and create safety zones for law enforcement personnel while preventing the need for additional escalation of force.
    • Stand-down or move to more aggressive stance.

  • Step 3 – If directions/instructions are not taken, operator employs the LRAD deterrent tone towards people/persons creating the threatening situation
    • LRAD creates increased standoff and safety zones, supports resolution of uncertain situations, and potentially prevents the use of harmful or deadly force
    • LRAD is equipped with a volume control knob. Unlike tear gas, tasers, rubber bullets, pepper spray and other non-lethal and lethal responses, LRAD can be modulated in response to actions of the target threat

  • Step 4 - Law enforcement utilizes higher levels of force such as tear gas, smoke, FN 303 or tasers

Advantages of deploying LRAD include:
  1. Performance – longest range, clearest communication, reliable and demonstrated safe operation.
  2. Flexibility – scalable, portable and available in a number of mounting configurations, including an IP addressable option.
  3. Design - overcomes background noise to further increase the audible range in almost any environment.
  4. Controls – simple to operate, allowing immediate response and process initiation. Single operator use reduces required manpower while improving law enforcement coordination efforts and increasing security coverage.
  5. Escalation of Force - safe alternative to non-lethal deterrent options such as pepper spray or rubber bullets.
  6. Officer Safety - Increased standoff distance enhances officer safety by keeping personnel at extended ranges which gives additional time to assess the situation and respond appropriately.
LRAD® directed sound systems communicate clearly and effectively over distance, have the capability to resolve uncertain situations peacefully, and the potential to prevent injuries and even save lives on both sides of the device without resorting to the use of non-lethal or lethal weapons. The proven effectiveness of LRAD make it a ‘must have’ solution for a variety of public safety, law enforcement and emergency responder situations.