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LRAD and Fiskevegn – Saving Sea Birds from Fishing Gear

AS Fiskevegn, a leading Scandinavian manufacturer of commercial fishing equipment, has partnered with LRAD Corporation and LaserSec to develop the Marine Avian Dissuader to safely and effectively prevent seabirds from colliding with trawl warps, getting tangled in nets or taking the bait from longline hooks during setting.

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LRAD Bioacoustic Bird Management

Bird management at the Lotus Temple in Thailand.

LRAD Moves Roosting Vultures Away from Petrochemical Plant

An LRAD 1000Xi safely moves hundreds of roosting vultures causing sanitation and safety issues away from a petrochemical plant.

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Preventing Aircraft Bird Strikes with LRAD

In the aftermath of the “Miracle on the Hudson”, LRAD’s anti-bird strike system is featured in this news story. LRAD keeps birds away from runways where aircraft are most vulnerable to potentially disastrous bird strikes. (Courtesy of KFMB)

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Moving Birds Away from Landfills

An LRAD 1000X moves several hundred birds away from a large landfill.

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LRAD Integrated with Avian Radar Detects and Deters Birds from Landing on Tailing Ponds

Canadian Natural Resources’ avian radar-equipped LRAD systems detect waterfowl approaching tailing ponds and then broadcast tones and predator calls to deter them from landing and drinking. LRAD’s near infinite variety of sounds prevent habituation and safely deter and preserve wildlife.

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