The Global Leader in Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices

LRAD Overview

The Global Leader in Acoustic Hailing Devices and Advanced Mass Notification Systems

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The LRAD Advantage

LRAD-RX: Remotely Operated Long Range Acoustic Device®

The LRAD-RX can be operated remotely across an IP network enabling system operators to respond to potential threats from safe locations while creating a fully operational unmanned perimeter security solution. The LRAD-RX accepts intruder position information from other IP-enabled sensor systems to automatically find, track and respond to potential threats.

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Colombia’s Ministry of National Defense Deploys Helicopter Mounted LRAD 1000X

The Colombian Ministry of National Defense uses an LRAD 1000X in a campaign to communicate demobilization messages to guerrillas hidden in Colombia’s rain forests. The demobilization campaign seeks to return guerrillas back to civilian life after years of living in and conducting combat operations from jungle locations.

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LRAD Building Evacuation Demo

An MP uses an LRAD 500X to broadcast building evacuation instructions.

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UAV & UGV Mounted LRADs in Defense Demonstrations

In these defense demonstrations, an LRAD 300X mounted on an airborne drone helicopter broadcasts highly intelligible messages to the ground from over one kilometer away. An unmanned ground vehicle equipped with an LRAD 500X rolls through the streets broadcasting potentially lifesaving instructions.

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