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Columbus, OH Police Department Demonstrates LRAD 450XL

Columbus, OH PD police unveil a new, high-tech audio device, the LRAD, or Long Range Acoustic Device, which they plan to use for crowd control, SWAT operations, barricaded suspects, and communicating to citizens during emergency situations.

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LRAD 500X MMT Air-to-Ground Communication System

The helicopter mounted LRAD 500X MMT broadcasts up to 2000M, is self-powered and not connected to any aircraft systems.

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San Diego Police Deploy LRAD 300X to Communicate to Protesters

San Diego Police use an LRAD 300X during a political protest in May 2016. (Courtesy of Breitbart)

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LRAD 360XT – Mass Notification Demonstration in Central Texas

An LRAD 360XT demonstration for Central Texas emergency managers. In 2015, severe flooding claimed several lives and destroyed hundreds of homes in the area.

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LRAD Emergency Warning System in Fukushima, Japan

Greensboro, NC PD to Use LRAD to Find Lost Children & Save Lives

“I am sure, positive 100% that in certain instances it will be able to save not only one life, but numerous lives.” Capt. Jonathan Franks – Greensboro PD (Courtesy of WFMY)

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