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LRAD and Fiskevegn – Saving Sea Birds from Fishing Gear

AS Fiskevegn, a leading Scandinavian manufacturer of commercial fishing equipment, has partnered with LRAD Corporation and LaserSec to develop the Marine Avian Dissuader to safely and effectively prevent seabirds from colliding with trawl warps, getting tangled in nets or taking the bait from longline hooks during setting.

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Sacramento PD’s New LRAD 300X-Equipped Jet Patrol Boat

Sacramento PD’s Marine unit has a new jet patrol boat equipped with an LRAD 300X to help keep boaters safe on rivers and waterways. (Courtesy of KCRA)

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Cruise Liner Utilizes LRAD to Thwart Pirates

The cruise ship Seaboard Spirit utilized LRAD technology to thwart a pirate attack off the Horn of Africa.

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